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Rinnai & A.O. Smith Water Heater Systems

Rinnai Tankless

Imagine turning on a shower and getting hot water almost immediately. Considering the average family loses precious time and numerous gallons a day waiting for water to heat up, that would be an invaluable change in routine. If you’re tired of standing idly by while time and water go down the drain, Rinnai has five words that are sure to inspire you: Faster Hot Water Is Here!

Bringing Faster Hot Water Home

Bringing Faster Hot Water Home.

Our focus on enhancing homeowners’ lives by changing the way water is heated has created an exciting breakthrough in recirculation that puts faster hot water a turn of the knob away.

Rinnai’s Ultra Series Tankless Water Heater RUR Models use thermal bypass technology that includes an integrated recirculation pump, an internal bypass line inside the model and a thermal bypass valve, and MC-195T 24-Hour Digital Controller provided inside the box to send unlimited hot water wherever and whenever it’s needed, all in one comprehensive solution. By keeping a steady supply of heated water in the supply line during active circulation periods, the RUR makes hot water rapidly available in showers, sinks and appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.

A.O.Smith High Efficiency Conventional

Through an inspired blend of innovation, efficiency and years of industry expertise, A. O. Smith has created a family of state-of-the-art gas fired products that provide a long-lasting supply of hot water during those times when everyone in your home needs it most.

Vertex™ power vent and power direct vent natural gas and propane water heaters take high-demand homes to the pinnacle of hot water availability. Performance, efficiency and ease of installation—the Vertex provides the best of all worlds for high-demand applications.

Continuous Hot Water

Continuous Hot Water

Continuous hot water, shower after shower! The more hot water you need, the more you need a Vertex water heater.

Energy Efficient

Vertex offers up to 96% thermal efficiency with performance that rivals much larger water heaters. With its fully-condensing design, Vertex delivers “continuous hot water” - shower after shower, hour after hour. Yet it’s easy to install, with dimensions and installation requirements comparable to standard power-vent units.

Easy to Install. Easy to Maintain.

The Vertex family provides all the hot water of a larger water heater in a standard footprint, making it the natural choice for replacement when upgrading your water heater. The versatile design allows combined vertical or horizontal vent runs of up to 128 equivalent feet. Both give more precise control of the water temperature and easy-to-understand system diagnostics.